Our 6 Favorite Tea Hacks

Tea is great for hot and cold weather. Iced tea in the summer is refreshing. Hot tea in the winter is cozy. There are also so many kinds of tea that have so many different health benefits. We are bringing you six of our favorite tea hacks.

Use loose leaf teas and disposable tea bags to customize your teas
Mix your favorite teas and flavors to find a customized favorite!

Add fruits and herbs
Flavor basic tea with fruits like lemon, peaches, or raspberries, or herbs like mint and basil for a whole new flavor profile!

Use simple syrup to sweeten your iced tea 
It mixes in easier. Use mint infused simple syrup for a refreshing flavor!

Add condensed milk instead of regular milk
For a creamy milk tea

Use almond milk instead
If you’re lactose intolerant

Add tea bags in your bath
To soothe your muscles and help you relax, try adding lavender (or lavender based) tea bags along with bath salts to your bath.

What’s your go-to tea? Share with us your favorite tea hacks!

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