The Best Gift for Valentine’s Day

Before we bring you more gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, we want to pause and tell you THE BEST GIFT you can give to show how much you love someone. On the surface, it’s simple. On the surface, it’s free. But it’s really easier said than done. It’s harder to find and it’s harder to give. What is it?

Here, let’s give you a hint.

Have you figured out THE BEST GIFT you can give someone?

It is…

Are you ready?


Time is precious. To many people, time is money. Time is hard to find. Time is harder to give. But if we really care for something, we make time for it. Or for him. For her. For them: our children, our family, our friends, and every person we love.

This Valentine’s Day, give your time. Here’s how.

Go tech free.
Turn off the electronics. Leave them at home, in a drawer (out of sight, out of mind). Don’t worry about creating the perfect Instagram picture. Stop snapping every single moment. Just be present. Actually be with the people around you. Talk. Laugh. Create memories.

Get out of the house.
Go somewhere. It will force you to be together and do something together. Grab brunch at your favorite cafe or deli. Explore a different city. Watch a movie in the movie theater. Be together.

Play an old-school boardgame.
If you really want to stay at home, dust off your boardgames. Actual boardgames like Monopoly, Sorry, Life, or Jenga (not quite a boardgame, but it still counts). They will help you to interact with each other and pay attention to what you’re doing together. Play together. Trust us, it’s really fun!

Do an non-chore activity together.
Yes, we had to specify “non-chore” because we know some people who thinks cleaning the garage together counts. It doesn’t because it’s practical. Practicality has its place, but some days need impracticality. So do something together that doesn’t check off an item in your to-do list.

Bake. Bowl. Dance. Jam (as in musical instruments). Paint. Craft. Walk around Costco eating samples. Turn up…or get down.¬†You know what we mean ūüėČ

Exercise is usually found on the to-do list, but you can turn it into spending time together if you try something different from your typical exercise routine. Go on a hike. Go to an indoor rock climbing gym. Go horseback riding. Take a ballroom dance class (use one-day passes or guest passes if they allow you).

Take a spontaneous road trip.
Get in the car and start driving. Every now and then, flip a coin. Heads you turn right. Tails you turn left. If you end up on a freeway or highway, heads you take the next exit. Tails you take the 2nd exit. Stop at interesting looking stores. Eat at hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Visit landmarks and museums you’ve never heard of (there will be signs for them along the road).¬†Take a GPS with you so you can get back home.


There are endless ways to spend time with the people you love. You just need to be willing to carve out the time.

Tell us! What’s your favorite activity to do with your loved one (partner, spouse, children, family)?

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