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Have you found your school year groove? If you haven’t and things feel a little overwhelming, we have a free resource for you! Getting organized is a great way of managing your school life.

We hope that our 10-page 2017-2018 Student Binder Pages (download link below) will help you throughout this school year. It’s easy to use. Simply print it out and make copies of the pages you need.

What’s included:

  1. Cover page
  2. Class Schedule & Contact Info
  3. Notes & Ideas page
  4. Important Dates per month page
  5. Weekly Planner
  6. Daily Planner
  7. Assignment Tracker, Test Tracker
  8. Project Tracker
  9. Self-Care Tracker
  10. Self Evaluation

Cover Page
Write your name and school email on the cover. A lot of classes require group work and having your contact info in a handy place is an easy way to share it.

Class Schedule & Contact Info
This page has a place to write down your class schedule, and a place to write down the contact info of professors or classmates.

Notes & Ideas page
It’s a dot grid page where you can write down notes and ideas, or doodle your brilliant plans!

Important Dates per month page
Instead of a monthly calendar, we have this page. It has two 2-column (Date/Item) dot grid. Write the important date under the Date column and what’s important about it (exam, interview, appointment, etc.) under the Item column. It will give you an overview of all the dates you need to remember for the entire year.

Weekly Planner
Our Weekly Planner page have boxes for each day with Monday – Friday on top and the weekend at the bottom, plus a box for important items of the week. Print as many copies of this page as you need.

Daily Planner 
We love our Daily Planner page. We have a box for our To-Do List, but we also have boxes that prompt us to look at the positive highlights of the day. It’s important to have a positive outlook! We also have boxes that help prioritize the things in our To-Do List. The “Ok to do tomorrow” box helps lighten the load because we don’t feel pressured to get everything done in so little time!

Assignment Tracker, Test Tracker 
The Assignment Tracker and Test Tracker page is a dot grid page where you can write down the important due dates for your classes.

Project Tracker 
What we love about our Project Tracker page is the Reward box. Giving ourselves incentives to get our projects completed in time (or ahead of time) is great motivation.

Self-Care Tracker 
We believe in self-care so much that we included a Self-Care Tracker page. It also has Self-Care ideas!

Self Evaluation 
Self Evaluation is important to grow as a person and as a student. It’s easy to follow. Find a quiet place and uninterrupted time to fill it out. Do it as often as you like, but at the minimum, do it at the start of school, in the middle, and at the end.

The Self Evaluation page includes a list of the most common emotions people experience. Circle one or more of these emotions and ponder about them in the “What Happened” box to help you understand why you feel the way you do.

We hope this page would help you process and understand what you’re going through.

Ready to download this? Click on the link below!

2017-2018 Student Binder Pages

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