Friday Funday & Back-to-School Shopping

We love back-to-school shopping, whether or not we’re actually going to school! If you’re gearing up to go back to school or shopping the back-to-school aisles for yourself or your work, here are some of the things we’re gushing about.

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For your book needs

Book Darts

Book Darts are like bookmarks, but better. They won’t randomly fall off when transporting your book in your bag, and you can place them to point to the last sentence or line you read to help you find your place quicker.

If you want to resell your book, use these instead of highlighters. You can easily find the page with the passage you need to remember, and take them off to leave clean pages for a higher resell value.

Reading Ring

A reading ring makes holding open your book easier!

We know, we know. At first, we also raised our eyebrows because it sounds like a lazy person’s gadget. After all, it’s not very hard to hold a book open.

But it actually can be! When can a reading ring make our reading life easier? When we’re reading in bed, on the bus, or while soaking in the bath. When we want to multi-task, like take notes for a book report or grab a fistful of chips.

The reading ring is actually very helpful. It comes in small, medium (pictured), and large.

Book Weight

This one’s for the stubborn textbooks that refuse to stay open while we study. Meet the book weight. No more using other books, random paperweights, or that cup of coffee or can or energy drinks that are essential for cram sessions.

We simply think it’s adorable, doesn’t make a mess, and easy to transport.

We also found it useful for cookbooks!


For your on-the-go needs

Starbucks Via Instant Coffee

Because, sometimes, we run late. We like the French Roast, the Mocha Latte, and the Sweetened Iced Coffee.

Top tip for instant coffee. Add more flavor by using infused simple syrup!

Simple syrup is equal parts water and sugar. It mixes easier than just sugar, especially in cold drinks. You can infused simple syrup with different ingredients. It’s like those coffee flavor syrups but easier on the wallet. It’s also very easy to make and stores well in your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

You can make infused simple syrup for a lot of things: coffee, cocktails, desserts, teas, etc. Check out our favorite simple syrup infusions.

Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottle

Who knew water can be so fun and flavorful? We love how easy it is to take water on-the-go with this water bottle, but even more so that you can infuse your water with different flavors by using fruits and herbs. This water bottle also comes with a gel freezer ball to keep your water cold. Stay hydrated while saving the planet!

Try infusing your water with these blends:
Lemon + Mint
Lemon + Mint + Strawberries (or other berries)
Lemon + Mint + Cucumbers
Lemon + Basil + Strawberries (or other berries)

We know, we know. We’ve got a lemon thing going on. Can’t blame us, though! It’s the easiest thing to add to water, plus, it helps with your immune system! Not a lemon fan? Try oranges or limes, instead.

For your supplies and organization needs

Target Dollar Spot

We LOVE Target and their Dollar Spot is filled with adorable back-to-school stuff for $1, $3, or $5. Then, you can head over to their Back-To-School area for sales and deals on school and office supplies.

Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook

Need or want a durable, awesome notebook that’s not your average composition one? The Leuchtturm – don’t worry, you’re not the only one who can’t pronounce it – notebooks are pricier but worth it.

The one we’re linking to has dotted pages. Not your typical lined pages, but great for bullet journals or DIY planners. It’s their medium sized (5.75 x 8.25 inches) notebook, which is just big enough to write class notes in and to fit in your bag without taking up too much space.

What we love about it is the numbered pages and blank table of contents. It makes it SO much easier to find important notes or ideas we jotted down. Anything to help us stay organized is a win!


Dollar Tree/Store

We love a great deal and at the Dollar Tree (Dollar Store, Dollar General), there are a lot of great deals. After all, things are just a dollar. But we’ve found that some things are better found elsewhere. Many items found at these stores are priced as such because they have some kind of defect. Here’s a quick run down of what you should buy at the Dollar Tree/Store and what you should get elsewhere.

Buy at the Dollar Tree/Store:

  1. Composition Notebooks
  2. Class Notebooks
  3. Softcover binders
  4. Pencils and sharpeners (but during back-to-school season, these sell for less than a dollar at many stores like Target, Walmart, Office Depot, etc. so check those places out first)
  5. Pens (we’ve found the Pentel brand at the Dollar Tree/Store)
  6. Sharpies (we’ve found actual Sharpies at the Dollar Tree/Store)
  7. Box of facial tissues (some teachers ask for these)
  8. Organization containers
  9. Paperclips or binder clips
  10. Staplers and staples

Buy elsewhere:

  1. Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils (Crayola brand items go on sale during back-to-school season, check out Target and Walmart for great deals)
  2. One-Hole Puncher (buy it at Walmart for $0.97)
  3. Clear Tape (if you can find Scotch brand clear tape at the Dollar Tree/Store, then go for it. If not, don’t buy the generic brand because they don’t hold well at all)
  4. Batteries (many batteries from the Dollar Tree/Store are smaller in size and may not fit your devices. Weird, but true. We found out the hard way).
  5. Water bottles (spend a little more on durable ones)


Do you love back-to-school shopping or dread it? Let us know! #girltalk

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