Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Uh-oh, did you forget about Mother’s Day and ran out of time to get her a gift that didn’t come from a gas station? Don’t worry! Here are some last minute gift ideas that are easy to pull-off but is still pretty awesome.

Flowers are in bloom for Spring and easy to find, but keep in mind that the longer you wait to buy them, the less choices you will have. Also, you’d have to pay a nice sum for them, high demand and all. Here are some tips on buying flowers for your mom last minute.

  1. Find a flower vendor in a farmer’s market. Most people assume products in farmers’ markets are more expensive than grocery stores. In some ways, this is true. In others ways, it’s not. We’ve found many pretty bouquets of flowers in our local farmer’s market for only $3. Fruits and vegetables that are in season and abundantly available are also very affordable. So go out and support your local farmers. It’s great for the community, your health, and your wallet.
  2. Arrange the flowers yourself. When all you have left are slim pickings because you waited too long, it’s time to hop onto Pinterest and get creative. Buy at least 2 bouquet of flowers in roughly the same color scheme. Get a vase, a jar, an old tin can, a coffee can, a garden pail, a basket…there are so many possibilities! Here are some of them:



Food, especially homemade food, warms the heart, the home, and the soul. Time to impress mom with your cooking skills! What did you say? You don’t have any skills? Don’t worry. Here are some easy recipes that is still pretty impressive.

Dana from the Minimalist Baker has a delicious vegan and gluten free Nutella Banana Bread. She had us at Nutella. Dana, you’re amazing. Wrap up this bread in a brown parchment tied with ribbons and string for a rustic, homemade, made-with-love feel. Brown paper packages tied up with string is one of our favorite things!

Gemma from Bigger Bolder Baking is one of our favorite YouTube chefs because her treats make our mouths water, but are very easy to make. Make your own homemade ice cream in your mom’s favorite flavor with Gemma’s no machine ice cream recipe. She has a ton of ice cream recipes, so check out her channel, but here’s one video that features Nutella. We know, we’re craving a certain chocolate hazelnut spread!


Gift Cards and Night Outs. Moms really want the gift of time with her children. You can give her a gift card, but turn it into date night with you. Let it be a chance to connect with her, catch up on life, and just hang out. You can also hop onto Groupon and find deals on Wine and Paint Nights, Murder Mystery Dinners, a comedy show, or even a vacation. Making time for her is one of the best gifts you can give.


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