Last Minute Summer Vacation Ideas

For a lot of students, the second and third weeks of August are the last weeks of summer vacation. For a lot of parents, that’s either good news or bad news. There’s back-to-school shopping and tallying up how many days off you actually have left. Working students are figuring out how to balance their schedules, and the rest of us are lamenting the shortening daylight.

But summer’s not gone yet! There is still time for last minute vacations, staycations, or days out. Here is our list of Last Minute Summer Vacation Ideas.

Last Minute Summer Vacation Ideas

Stay overnight at the beach. Book a hotel or Airbnb for one or two nights near the beach. Enjoy the sun and surf. Get a tan. Go for a swim. Walk along the shore. Catch up on your reading.

Visit a city near you. Again, book a hotel or Airbnb for one or two nights. Don’t overthink your stay. Throw away the itinerary and explore. Use a GPS or Map app to find nearby restaurants, museums, parks, and more.

Stay in a hotel with a beautiful pool. Stay one or two nights, and spend the entire time poolside. Get a tan. Read a book. Swim. Show off your pretty bathing suit. Try to find hotels with a bar (or poolside bar) or nice restaurant.

Stay in a hotel with spa services. Pamper yourself. ‘Nuff said.

Camp in a National Park. Find a US National Park with camping opportunities. There’s a lot to choose from! Some parks may offer other lodging options, like Yosemite offers canvas tent cabins, bunk accommodations, and hotel rooms. No National Park near you? Google search campgrounds near your area!

Visit a local theme park. Make a weekend out of it. Get 2-day passes and book an overnight stay at a nearby hotel. Take your time exploring the park. Let your inner child out to play. Take pictures with the characters. Eat cotton candy. Get your face painted. BTW, if your local theme park is a Disney park, we’re totes jelly.

Fly to a random destination. Picking a vacation destination can sometimes be part of the problem. Let Adioso pick some flights for you. Input your airport and travel dates. You can input your destination or pick a keyword (ie: Domestic or International), a US state, or a Wanderlist (ie: Best Cities for Art Lovers).

Go on a short cruise. Near a coast? There are a lot of affordable 3-night cruises. You don’t even have to leave the boat the have fun. There are tons of free on-board activities, the food is amazing and available all day-everyday, and it forces you to take a technology break (because wi-fi out on the sea is expensive).

Visit the museums in your city. Most of us haven’t fully explored the very cities we live in. Make a list of the museums near you and visit them. Take your time. Take in the art. Be inspired. Or be confused…hey, we get it, some art pieces don’t make sense, but that’s art! It makes you think and feel, even if the feelings aren’t positive.

Check something off your bucketlist. Some of us make seasonal bucketlists, and some of us have that one life bucketlist. Look over your list. What are you waiting for? Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Pick one and check it off before summer ends!

Let us know what you’re going to do for a last minute summer hurrah!

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