Our 10 Favorite Coffee Hacks

We LOVE coffee. Well, almost all of us do. One of us hate coffee, and if that’s you, too, stay tuned for our favorite tea hacks instead. But if you’re a coffee person, here are our coffee hacks for those times when you want to brew at home, want to save money, feeling creative, or have no time to visit a coffee shop.

Freeze leftover coffee shop coffee
Most of us have heard of freezing coffee, but what a chore to brew coffee only to freeze it for the next day. What we do is freeze leftover coffee we bought from Starbucks or Peet’s. Really, any coffee you already have on hand, stick it in the freezer instead of the drain. The next day, blend it up with milk or water for semi-homemade frappe. Or just add milk.

Use chocolate milk instead of regular milk or creamer
Voila! Mocha!

Use nut milk instead or regular milk or creamer
Try coconut milk or almond milk. They add their own sweetness so easy on the sugar.

Use vanilla bean ice cream instead of regular milk or creamer
It will take your coffee to indulgent level. Dessert in a cup!

Use honey instead of sugar
It gives a depth of flavor along with the sweetness. Try using different types of honey. You can find different variety from your local organic store or farmer’s market.

Use 100% pure maple syrup instead of sugar
It also gives a depth of flavor along with the sweetness. We like this better than honey. It’s just so delicious!

Use condensed milk instead of sugar and milk
Vietnamese coffee has been using condensed milk for years. Try it in your regular brew. It’s good! No need to add sugar or milk because condensed milk is sweet and creamy already.

Use canned dulce de leche instead of sugar and milkĀ 
Like our tip above, but for those times when you want a caramel kick!

Add ground spices, liquid flavoring, or herbs
For Fall flavors, try cinnamon, all spice, nutmeg, or pumpkin spice.
For Winter flavors, try peppermint flavoring or a handful of mint leaves.

Make your own infused simply syrup at home
It’s so easy and will save you money. Check out our favorite simple syrup infusions!


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