#SquadGoals Summer Bucket List

Summer officially begins a few days from now. What are your plans? Do you have any plans? We’ve got you covered with our #squadgoals Summer Bucket List. This list is for you and your friends to make Summer awesome and memorable.

Now, if you’re going to hashtag your pictures with #squadgoals, you better make them good. Make your IG game a little better by taking inspiration from magazine or cast photo shoots.

squad pics

When you and your friends take pictures, pose like you’re in a magazine photo shoot or like you are the cast of a TV show. Borrow each other’s confidence, have fun, and capture memories!

Here are some photography tips to consider:

Stagger yourselves instead of standing in one straight line. Have some stand a little in front and some a little behind. Have some sit, some stand, and even kneel. Vary the body angles, with some facing the camera straight on and some standing sideways. It gives depth to the photograph. In the picture of the “Pretty Little Liars” cast (bottom right), the legs stretched out and the different body angles are the ones giving depth. So, even though they’re technically in a line, there’s still depth and movement in the picture.

Use a timer or a bluetooth shutterYou don’t need a professional photographer following you around. You don’t even need a selfie stick. Your camera has a timer, but better still, use a bluetooth shutter for smartphones, which you can buy for as little as $7. You can invest in a phone tripod, but you can use just about anything to make your phone stand up right. Take a few seconds to get the angle right and click away.

Make your location work for you. Look at your surroundings with fresh eyes. Look up, look down, look left and right. You don’t need to scout for interesting locations if you where you are at the moment the location to be in the moment. And hey, wherever you are with your friends is a great location to be in.

Now onto the #squadgoals Summer Bucket List! Here’s a PDF version of the image below.

#squadgoalsSummer Bucket List

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