5 Tips to Finish Projects On Time + Free Printable

Whether for school, work, your family, or yourself, projects are part of life. We may call them goals, hobbies, or a side hustle. Whatever you call it, here are 5 tips to help you finish your projects on time.

1. Set a reward.

Motivate yourself from the start. Give yourself a reward for completing the project. Make it indulgent. Make it tangible. Make it something you want. Some ideas: a meal at the new restaurant in town, a concert ticket, a spa service, etc.

2. Set a due date with a buffer.

Ever heard the saying, “Early is on time. On time is late. Late is rude.” Set your project due date a week before it’s actually due. This gives you a buffer, a safe space you can use in case something goes wrong. You also have a few days to sleep on it and review it, to make it even better.

If you can turn your project in early, great! It only says positive things about you. If you have to wait to turn it in, you will have peace of mind that it’s done. Just don’t forget to actually hand it in.

3. Write down every step with a due date.

Be meticulous. Write down every. single. step. No matter how small it may be, and give every. single. step. a due date. When you can see what you need to do and when you need to do it by, you will understand what lies before you. You will understand how much time you have and how this project will work with your schedule (and vice-versa).

4. Keep your project in sight, literally.

“Out of sight, out of mind” is true for those little steps that add up to a finished project. Keep your project and your list of steps someplace you can see it everyday. Have a project bulletin board in your room. Write down the steps on sticky notes and post them on your mirror. Set pop-up reminders on your phone.

Top Tip! Post sticky notes with positive sayings on them everywhere!

5. Celebrate little wins.

The longer and bigger the project, the more you will need to celebrate the little wins. When you check things off your project list (see #3 above), that’s a win. Recognize the small victories and celebrate them. It’s a motivating factor to help you keep going, and a way to help keep the ball rolling.

How do you celebrate the little wins? Dance around. Throw confetti in the air. Tell a friend. Drink a glass of wine.  Eat a macaron. Tweet about it.

Bonus Tip!

Download our FREE PROJECT TRACKER! Print it out as many times as you need for every project you have.

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