Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Are you still looking for a Valentine’s Day gift idea for a man in your life? We’ve got you covered. Check these out!

Wallet Ninja

It pays to be prepared and the Wallet Ninja will help him be just that. It’s slim as a credit card, but has 18 tools/uses. From screw drivers to can/bottle openers to a cell phone stand, the Wallet Ninja can help him feel like McGyver.





33 Cups of Coffee

Now he can keep track of the different  types of coffee he’s tasted. This is great for the coffee aficionado.

If coffee’s not his thing, there’s also 33 Bottles of Beer and 33 Pieces of Cheese.






USB Cuff Links

For the techie man in your life or if he wants to be James Bond, these cuff links are also 4GB USB (each, so total of 8GB). That’s plenty of storage for the business man on-the-go or the writer who gets inspiration anywhere.





Guitar Pick Punch

For the music lover, he can go to town creating his own guitar picks to match his style.

Top tip! He can make guitar picks from old cards or anything sturdy. It’s easy to personalize a guitar pick. Imagination is the limit!

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